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Star And Moon Fine Silver Pendant Necklace

Star And Moon Fine Silver Pendant Necklace

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This circular pendant is engraved with a star and the moon. Show off your love for the night’s sky, atronomony, astrology and these shining lights above us.

Star and Moon night sky pendant handmade in Cornwall from 100% recycled eco pure fine silver, optional solid sterling silver 20"/50cm chain. Recycled solid pure fine silver pendant necklace handmade on the Cornish coast. This item is entirely unique and one of a kind. 

Aventur Jewellery's vibe is rustic, authentic and true to the coast on which it is made. Based in the heart of Cornwall, UK, these pendant necklaces are hand-drawn works of art that put the essence of the rugged carns and coasts around your neck. The pendants are handmade on a small scale and the original designs are individually hand engraved into each pendant.

Each piece is intended to reflect the joy of roaming, exploring and going on adventures both big and small, from the coast to the mountains and beyond; a keepsake to treasure and remind you of Cornwall and the freedom that comes from embracing nature.


  • PENDANT: Recycled solid 999 fine silver, weight – 4.8g, dimensions – 20mm x 20mm x 1.5mm. Marker’s mark is engraved onto the back with a 999FS stamp.
  • CHAIN: Optional recycled solid 925 curb, length - 50cm/20inch, link size - 1.61mm x 2mm.
  • FINISH: Oxidised with Liver of sulphur to bring out the details with higher areas finished to a nice shine.
  • PROTECTION: Renaissance wax applied to oxidised/detailed areas for added protection and to help preserve the colour. Glanol applied for that added shine.
  • PACKAGING: Your purchase will come in a brown craft box, the pendant necklace inside is encased in a layer of tissue paper for protection. The Aventur Jewellery logo is stamped onto the lid and natural twine is tied around the box and into a bow to finish off the package. Perfect for a gift.
  • POSTAGE: FREE Royal Mail Special Delivery for peace of mind.


MATERIAL: Aventur Jewellery pendants are created using a non-traditional method using Art Clay Silver, a clay-like material consisting of particles of metal combined with non-toxic binders and water. When Art Clay is fired the binder burns away and pure silver (99.9% silver) remains. The Art Clay series of products are created through a process of recycling scraps of metal; an assay is conducted to ensure the metal’s purity and the metal is refined. It is an eco-friendly product and is free-form enabling you to create something entirely unique and full of individual expression.


CARE: Keep jewellery in a cool, dry place away from sunlight to avoid tarnish. To avoid any scratches or dents, keep your jewellery separate from each other and away from sharp objects.

There are plenty of products available in stores that can help keep your jewellery clean and tarnish free, from silver polishing cloths to liquid polish and anti-tarnish silver storage-strips. I find Town Talk products to be effective.

When using any silver polishing products, be aware that any areas with intentional oxidation (black areas applied to detailed sections) might rub off. When using a silver polishing cloth, wipe over the surface and not into these detailed sections. If there are large areas that are oxidised, a microfibre cloth would be best. It is also recommended to use a microfibre cloth on any gemstones or faceted stones.

When polishing silver jewellery with a cloth, the cloth will turn black due to a chemical reaction that occurs. This is how you know it’s polishing and that your jewellery is genuine silver.

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